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Dynamic Informal Conversations

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Unique wide-ranging and well-researched unstructured interviews hosted by Eric Hunley

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Unstructured interviews are all about asking the right questions...

Firstly Eric's unstructured interviews stay true to the authenticity of a well researched interview. Each podcast interview delivers more insight and understanding than one expects.

Eric ask the kinds of questions that reveal the inner truths his guests have learned, during his podcast interviews. If their truths are told, you might just find out the real reasons why these people dared to go on their life changing journeys. To become another kind of different.

"Eric is a top notch interviewer and a particularly pleasant conversationalist. Very enjoyable experience!"

Daniele Bolelli, host of the "History on Fire Podcast" on Luminary and "The Drunken Taoist Podcast" a savage philosopher, historian and author

Living and learning through unstructured interviews...

Above all we believe to live a remarkable life we have to listen and learn from true pioneers. Unstructured is an insightful exploration of the life and times of the guests who have and continue to shape the world around us.

You will find that an UnstructuredPod is the perfect way to learn some really different things about life.

"Eric Hunley’s conversational style is real. Unlike so many contrived, over-produced, over-edited interview podcasts, Eric stands out because he has real dialogues that are compelling and engaging."

Christopher Lochhead, host of the "Follow your Different Podcast" and "Lochhead on Marketing" #1 Apple Podcaster | #1 Amazon author