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Robert Forto is a musher and dog trainer

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 026 – Robert Forto is a musher and dog trainer

Robert Forto is a musician, musher and a professional dog trainer. When his band wasn't ready to sign a record deal with a major label but his band mates were not ready to commit. It was then that Robert bought his first Siberian Husky, Axl, and began competing in obedience and conformation trails.

Robert conducted a wolf migration study as a college project. His keen thirst for adventure allowed him to strike out, and he moved to Duluth, Minnesota and opening a 30-dog Siberian Husky racing kennel. Robert’s present occupation is kennel owner at Alaska Dog Works and dog racer at Team Ineka. In this episode we talk about all things dogs. There is so much great information in this episode of the Unstructured podcast.

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