Eric Feigl is the host of The Fitness Candor Podcast

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 027 – Eric Feigl is the host of The Fitness Candor Podcast

Eric Feigl is the owner of Eric Feigl Personal Training located in Cincinnati, OH. Eric has helped individuals to achieve their specific training goals ranging from NCAA athletes, to weekend warriors and the general population. He has subsequently established himself as a go-to fitness professional. Feigl is backed by Mission 5 Fitness, which is Cincinnati’s most knowledgeable, professional and respected training facility. 

Eric is the Ohio President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (OHASEP 2013-present). He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science at Eastern Illinois University. Eric was involved with the Assessment Testing and Prescription Lab and a Graduate Assistant with EIU’s athletic department. He has been personal training since graduating in 2007.

Although well-versed in a spectrum of knowledge, Eric Feigl specializes in applied kinesiology and exercise science as they relate to exercise program design and injury prevention. As well as strength development, fat loss, and physical enhancement/performance. He is also published on and hosts the Fitness Candor podcast.


You can find Eric Feigl online at the following places:

Twitter @EricFeiglFacebook Page / Instagram @ericfeigl


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