Professor James Fallon studies brain scans of psychopaths

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 031 – Professor James Fallon studies brain scans of psychopaths

Professor James Fallon from UC Irvine, he is a Neuroscientist who studies brain scans. He is also a professor of psychiatry and human behavior. Fallon is also a emeritus professor of anatomy and neurobiology in the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. Fallon has made a number of significant scientific contributions in several neuroscientific subjects. James has specialized in studying the brains patterns of psychopaths and serial killers. As a result Professor James Fallon has been all over television and he has even presented his own TED talk. 

He is also well known for having discovered that his own brain scan resembles that of a psychopath.  In this episode we have a wide ranging conversation discussing the language centers of the brain. The concept of empathy, as well as touching on his family history. We then go on to talking about George Carlin and so much more. The lecture Professor James Fallon mentioned in the episode: Isaiah Berlin – Lecture on Joseph de Maistre

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