Kara Mayer Robinson Interviews Really Famous people

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 063 – Kara Mayer Robinson Interviews Really Famous people

Kara Mayer Robinson is a well known celebrity interviewer, TV talk show host and live event host. She is also a respected journalist, who has contributed dozens of pieces, that include cover stories for the NYT Sunday Routine column. Kara has also written for publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, WebMD Magazine and Time Out New York. As a freelance travel writer her work has also appeared in Parents, Pregnancy and Time Out New York.

She is the host and producer of the TV and film talent-interview show Really Famous, where she does deep dives with TV and film actors and personalities like Chazz Palminteri, Alan Cumming, Henry Winkler, Steve Zahn, Michael Rapaport, Tim Daly and Tony Goldwyn. In this episode we discuss her journey of going from being a licensed therapist, to a journalist turned podcaster.

Episode 63 – Kara Mayer Robinson


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