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Laura Petersen helps authors get published

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 065 – Laura Petersen helps authors get published

Laura Petersen is a tall math and former psychology teacher, who went into podcasting while becoming an entrepreneur and speaker. She is a digital nomad who has visited over 44 countries world wide. Since Laura retired from teaching in 2011, she has started and grown companies in tutoring and test prep, podcast production, content marketing and branding. 

She is also a #1 Bestseller author of Copywriting for Podcasters and Permission to Write a Brand Building Book. After having publishing two of her own international bestsellers and also helping others do it too. As a result Laura now helps aspiring authors get their work published with through her company called Copy That Pops. Enjoy this enlightening episode of the Unstructured Podcast with Eric Hunley and Laura.

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