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Looking at Internet Law with Richard Chapo

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 073 – Looking at Internet Law with Richard Chapo

Richard Chapo is an attorney who specializes in Internet Law. He first became a licensed attorney in California in 1992. Capo would later accept a position to work as a professor at a Chita State Technical University where he taught law in Siberia for two years. When he returned to California, he turned his attention to the commercialization of the Internet. Richard first began working on a variety of legal issues arising in the digital environment like copyright, defamation, licensing. Before he eventually focused his practice solely on privacy topics. 

His internet law practice is focused on providing advice and guidance to companies both large and small that are trying to navigate and thrive in the current privacy law climate. Richard works with companies on compliance with regulations and also on laws that range from the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act to the General Data Protection Regulation. In this episode we discuss his journey from the porn world to working with the small business world.

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