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Yann Ilunga – international podcaster, polyglot, and coach

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 080 – Yann Ilunga is a international podcaster, polyglot, and coach

Yann Ilunga is a polyglot podcasting consultant, systems strategist, international speaker, podcaster and coach based out of Switzerland. He shares his expertise by bringing crystal clarity into your podcasting goals.  Ilunga is a 4x podcast host and podcasting consultant. He has also been dubbed as a ‘Podcasting Advocate' by Forbes. He is also the creator the Podcast Growth Mastermind and Podcast Success Summit.

His latest show is The Podcaster Lab,  where he discusses and teaches podcasting. As well as through a series of podcasting experiments. Yann's podcast caters for two groups of people: those who are interested in starting a podcast and also for those podcast hosts who would like to grow and monetize their show.


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