Ben Cardall is a Deductionist, Mentalist, and Magician

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 119 – Ben Cardall is a Deductionist, Mentalist, and Magician

Ben Cardall has been studying deduction and all of the facets of skill that it entails for well over 15 years. It all stemmed from his obsession with Sherlock Holmes, the detective with infinite reasoning and logic.Who had the aptitude for picking out the smallest detail of a person within seconds of meeting them.

Ben Cardall was curious as to whether this super human ability was achievable and was determined to find out. This was when he first started to study and put into practice to build everything he now knows about mentalism. Check out his book Monographs – A Comprehensive Manual on All You Need to Know to Become an Expert Deductionist.


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You can also find more about Ben Cardall online here:

Website / Twitter @bencardall / Facebook / Instagram @bencardall221b / Ben Cardall The Network Facebook Group


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