138 – Super Joe Pardo is an award-winning podcaster and business coach

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Super Joe Pardo is a New Jersey-based, sixth generation award-winning business owner who works with businesses and owners to help them grow by focusing on their team, offer and process.

In 2014, Joe decided to leave his family's $100 million business and pursue his dreams of starting his own business. Shortly after, Joe founded the award-winning show, “The Business Podcast featuring Super Joe Pardo”. His platform is based around helping business owners pursue the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Joe has written four books including, “Joe Pardo's 31 Life-Changing Concepts”, “How to DREAM BIG and WIN”, “iSelf Empower: 160 Self Affirmations to Empower You!”, and “Sales Won't Save Your Business.”

Joe Pardo also runs the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference and is in production with the new television series “The TOP with Super Joe Pardo.”

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You can find Joe Pardo online at the following places:

Website https://superjoepardo.com
Twitter @SuperJoePardo
Instagram @superjoepardo

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