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Susan Goebel is a bioscience business coach

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 139 – Susan Goebel is a bioscience business coach

Susan Goebel is a 20 year bioscience veteran of bringing bioscience products to market around the world. She is a relentlessly detailed, a diligent leader in research, as well as product development. Susan's job requires that she uncovers global market opportunities that can build partnerships. As a result she now helps inventors and entrepreneurs to bring bioscience ideas to fruition.

Susan Goebel is an expert on bioscience business development. She often speaks in front of government panels and authors peer-reviewed papers to drive positive change. While also developing and ushering products in through challenging regulatory environments on multiple continents. Susan Goebel understands how to drive revenue to fit the bottom line. She has built her own businesses from the ground up, while also sourcing her own funding. While working joint ventures and offering her skills as both a business strategist and high-ticket closer.

Welcome to High Ticket Closing with Susan Goebel


What is the MOST IMPORTANT part of bringing a product to market?


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