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Should Podcast Guests Pay? A discussion with Christopher Lochhead and Super Joe Pardo

Episode 143 – Should Podcast Guests Pay? A discussion with Christopher Lochhead and Super Joe Pardo

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First of all on this episode of the Unstructured podcast, Eric Hunley will try to answer a really big podcasting question. Should podcast guests pay? He then explores this controversial subject with fellow podcasters Christopher Lochhead and Super Joe Pardo.

They also discuss the role that podcast booking agencies play within the industry, and how they furthermore benefit financially, while the podcast hosts are not benefiting. What do you think? Should podcast guests pay to book their appearances with their favorite podcast hosts? Is this a good model for the future of podcasting or is it rather a flawed business model?

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5 thoughts on “Should Podcast Guests Pay? A discussion with Christopher Lochhead and Super Joe Pardo”

  1. First off, I love Joe Pardo. I’ve always taken the stand that it’s Joe’s show, and if people want to listen to commercials let them. I know I wouldn’t but it’s Joe’s show. I do feel Joe missed a point that the agents were getting paid, and the guest is getting exposure. Joe seems to feel he wasn’t getting enough (especially as the bookers were getting paid and he wasn’t). There already is a sponsor – Super Joe Pardo’s business consulting. The guest brings value (hopefully), and you get an audience that you build a relationship with who trust you, and (hopefully) hires you. If you’re not getting clients, then maybe your content was in alignment with your business goals.

    Another key point that people may miss is Joe’s show was original titles “Dreamers” and had inspirational stories. How do you monetize inspiration? You might be able to tie that into lie coaching(?) but that (to me) was problem number one. The other thing that Joe talks about his show changed. The other thing that changed is he had just had his second kid. Kids are expensive. For me (and this is an outside point of view), I wonder if Joe wasn’t getting enough clients (cause he was doing an inspirational show that didn’t tie in well with this purpose of getting business clients) and then the added expense of child number two inspired Joe’s choice to start selling guest spots.

    I know at last year’s Mapcon Joe had gone back to help his Dad’s business (after leaving it before to go out on his own). This might have been the genesis of his TV show as Joe was helping his Dad’s business “modernize.” I know his new TV show ( What channel is this on?) is more in alignment with his goals of being a business consultant.

    I agree with Chris that this is a horrible idea. I also agree that its a free economy and if you can get paid, God bless ya. I’m just not going to listen.


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