J Paul Nadeau is a Hostage Negotiator, Actor, and Author

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 144: J Paul Nadeau is a Hostage Negotiator, Actor, and Author

J Paul Nadeau is a retired Police Detective and Hostage Negotiator. Jean Paul has completed an exemplary thirty one year police service career. He has specialized in several areas of law enforcement. His work has also extended to him filing in a role as an international peace keeper. As a child, Jean Paul and his siblings and mother were physically and emotionally abused by his alcoholic father. During his school education, J Paul Nadeau became conditioned to believe he was worthless and that he would never amount to anything. He had no confidence and he therefore self-prophesized his own failure. That all changed in the 7th grade when Jean Paul discovered he had the power to change his destiny. He then made it his personal mission to turn HIS life around!

J Paul Nadeau chose to fulfill the promise he had made to himself as a boy by becoming law man. It was so he could arrest the kind of people who were abusive like his father. Once he became a police officer, Jean Paul continued to  raise the bar for himself. He would become a subject matter expert as a Hostage Negotiator, Detective, International Peace Keeper, and instructor. The specialized areas he worked in provided him with the necessary first-hand experience on how to help, understand and influence others. Jean Paul is credited for having saved countless lives in the execution of his duties. He works towards providing hope and direction to those who have lost theirs. 



“Take Control of Your Life:

Rescue Yourself and Live the Life that You Deserve” by

J Paul Nadeau

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You can also find more about J Paul Nadeau online here:

Website http://www.hostagetomyself.com / Twitter @jpaulnadeau / Facebook / Instagram @jpaulnadeau    


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