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Cult Expert Rick Alan Ross


Interventions and deprogramming cases

Through his life's work he has become one of the worlds most recognized cult experts. He is able to offer a unique analysis of the inner workings of destructive cults, controversial groups and movements. Rick has personally assisted thousands of families in the liberation and rehabilitation of family members who fallen victim to these destructive cults, groups and movements.

Ross has done interventions in more than 500 deprogramming cases in various countries throughout the world. In 1987, he deprogrammed two former members of the Branch Davidians who were based in upstate New York. Later in 1988 Ross began receiving calls about the Davidian group led by the infamous David Koresh from Waco, Texas. CBS television network then later hired Ross as an on-scene analyst for their coverage of the Waco siege. He was also used as a consultant by the FBI as well, which also drew sharp criticism. 


Aaron Ross's deprogramming

In 1989, the CBS television program 48 Hours covered Ross's deprogramming of a 14-year-old boy, Aaron Paron,who had become a member of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship. He later faced charges over the unlawful imprisonment of a 1991 forcible deprogramming of United Pentecostal Church International member Jason Scott, whose mother was referred to Rick Alan Ross by the CAN. He was however acquitted of these charges by the jury when it went to trial.

Rick's first experience dealing with a cult


What qualifies someone to be a cult expert?


Rick shares what his work consists of today


How Rick defines a destructive cult


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