David Hooper chats about the music industry and podcasting

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 147 – David Hooper chats about the music industry and podcasting

David Hooper has been in Podcasting for over fifteen years and is also the author of the tome – “Build a Big Podcast.” He first began working on the radio and podcasting was his secondary thing. Until Dave Jackson really turned him onto it. As a radio guy he saw people in Podcasting as super nerds, before he decided to take up podcasting. Then he started doing and it turned out to be very enjoyable. Eric and David have a super informal and wide-ranging chat about the music industry and podcasting.

In this Episode 147 – David Hooper

  • Podcasting
  • The music business
  • Gene Simmons
  • Born in Nashville
  • Similarities of podcasting to the music industry
  • Where will podcasting go?
  • Comparison between radio and podcasting
  • Problem about podcasting: good news was “easier than ever to get in the podcasting” and bad news, “easier than ever to get in the podcasting”
  • Validating your rate in podcasting
  • Difference of between people from music world and people from podcasting
  • Dozen of books of David
  • Hustle or is it a deliberate practice: how to succeed?
  • One most important thing you can see a new show doing to succeed?


David Hooper Quotes from this Episode: 

  • “Same way in Podcasting you can be a superstar in smaller markets.”
  • “I just assumed everybody knew who’s possible to make a living with your ideas, creativity, put you on a show and people come to it.”
  • “Bringing you own personality, the things that you have learned along the way but not being afraid to have an opinion and share it. I think if you are bringing that into your Podcast, it don’t have to be an act just has to be you; that is going to help you to attract people.”


You can also find more about David Hooper online here:

Twitter @davidhooper / Facebook Page / Instagram @davidhooper1@bigpodcast1


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