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Dr Christopher Metzler wants to Make America Nice Again

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 152 – Dr Christopher Metzler wants to Make America Nice Again

Dr Christopher Metzler is a well known political pundit, global strategist, legal scholar, author, serial entrepreneur and he is also a celebrity crisis manager. He is best known for always going just beyond the talking points, with his in-depth reasoning and analysis he has become a modern-day political voice. Dr Christopher Metzler has made regular guest TV appearances on: CNN; ABC; MSNBC; Fox News; Al Jazeera; HLN; Newsmax; CNBC; OAN; WHDT TV; BBC; TV ONE; News One; Celebrity Page TV; Afterbuzz and more.

An Academic Perspective

The University of Oxford and Columbia University are where Dr Christopher Metzler truly forged his educational background. He has also obtained a Ph.D. in International Legal Philosophy from The University of Aberdeen. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Thomas Jefferson University Institute of Emerging Health Professions (home of The Sidney Kimmel School of Medicine).

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