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Have you ever felt the urge to ask a question during a podcast you are listening too, only to be frustrated because you are still stuck listening? Eric Hunley Live connects you to expert guests in a dynamic live stream Q&A podcast format. On his YouTube channel he hosts guests who are experts in mindset, persuasion, influence, reading body language, negotiation as well as interrogation. That is just to start with!

Be sure to tune into the live streams with your questions in hand. Who knows when you may get another opportunity like this? Also while you are checking out the Eric Hunley YouTube channel we would love it you could hit the subscribe button!

Eric Hunley Live

Susan Ibitz and Lena Sisco

08/06/2020 Tune in Live

at [5:30] PM EDT

Lena Sisco and Susan Ibitz are here to answer your body language questions. Don't hold back though, they also do statement analysis and negotiation and more. We have had the Fab Four of the Behavior Panel, now it's the ladies' turn.

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