Eric Hunley Live

Eric Hunley Live

Have you ever felt the urge to ask a question during a podcast you are listening too, only to be frustrated because you are still stuck listening? Eric Hunley Live connects you to expert guests in a dynamic live stream Q&A podcast format. On his YouTube channel he hosts guests who are experts in mindset, persuasion, influence, reading body language, negotiation as well as interrogation. That is just to start with!

Be sure to tune into the live streams with your questions in hand. Who knows when you may get another opportunity like this? Also while you are checking out the Eric Hunley YouTube channel we would love it you could hit the subscribe button!

Scott Rouse


Tune in Live at 12h30 PM EDT

Scott Rouse is a behavior analyst and body language expert, whose work is focused around healthcare. He also holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training. Scott has been trained alongside the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, and Dept. of Defense. He also does work in the private sector, as a successful consultant.

Live Stream Replays

Sheila Wysocki

Sheila Wysocki is a licensed private investigator from Texas and Tennessee who has dedicated her life to solving cold cases. After she cracked the 26-year-old cold case of her former college roommate. Sheila now continues to use her private investigator license to solve current cold cases locally and nationally.

Jerri Williams

Jerri Williams is a retired FBI Agent, author. Williams served 26 years as a Special Agent with the FBI. During her career her investigations were mainly focused on economic crimes. In her most famous case she investigated was a $350 million Ponzi scheme. Jerri is also the host of the FBI Retired Case File Review podcast

Brian Ahearn

Brian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE. Where he specializes in teaching people how to apply the science of influence and persuasion into everyday situations. He is also one of only twenty individuals that have a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer® designation. Brian’s blog also has readers in more than 200 countries

Mandy Obrien

Mandy Obrien is a body language reader who is mostly known for analyzing videos online. She has also been somewhat controversial at times in her analysis, but she maintains a clear vision. Mandy's primary goal is to teach people to be able to identify and also clearly see the deceptions in anothers body language.

Jason DeFillippo

Jason DeFillippo is podcasting juggernaut who has created several of his own shows. Including the film podcast 'Does It Have Legs.' He is currently also the co-host for The Jordan Harbinger Show. DeFillippo is also the co-creator of The Grumpy Old Geeks podcast. Jason is also a freelance podcast producer, editor, and extraordinary host!

Wang & Turner

In this live stream interview Eric is joined by Andrew Wang of the Inspired Money podcast. As well as by Pete A Turner of the Break It Down Show. This is an episode that dedicated to a lot of shop talking about podcast interview techniques. This live stream may just give you a little insight into why they each love podcasting so much!

Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes is a behavioral engineering expert. Hughes is also the founder and CEO of Applied Behavior Research. As well as the author of the "Ellipsis Manual." During this live stream we cover everything from body language and influence. We go all the way down to how one could create your own Manchurian Candidate.

Viva Frei

David creates "VLAWG'S" on his YouTube channel. This is where he also breaks down depositions and discusses legal events that are currently making the news. Viva Frei joins Eric Hunley Live to answer questions on the subject of whether having a guest on is platforming or not? We also talk more about the law, as well as the art of creating YouTube videos.

Krystyna Lennon

Krystyna Lennon was named the "World's Best Hypnotist" by CBS. She is possibly better known for hypnotizing the likes of Simon Cowell and Drew Barrymore. Lennon is a world-renowned, professional hypnotist, television personality, author, keynote speaker and media source. Get your free relaxation session from Krystyna