History Channel’s David Ankin of ToyMakerz

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 172 – History Channel's David Ankin of ToyMakerz

David Ankin was born and raised in South Bend Indiana, like all boys he loved cars. He now shares his life and vehicle creations on The History Channel's ToyMakerz. “Doghouse” Dave is a former stunt man, motorcycle racer, fabricator and vehicle customizer. The ToyMakerz TV show follows David's team of custom motor vehicle fabricators, who do insane one-off custom builds and OEM enhancements for their clients.

David designs the vehicles while also leading the fabrication team and overseeing all the builds. Then he drives his creations to the absolute extreme. The show often features nationally known experts, outside contributors as well as special celebrity guests. They get to create the one-of-a-kind racing creations that Ankin first visualizes and then manifests in his teams builds. ToyMakerz is produced by Lucky13Cinematic which is co-owned by David and his business partner David Young.

Episode 172 – David Ankin


Daytona 2014


Busa powered car


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