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Interrogation and Body Language with Greg Hartley

Episode 211 – Interrogation and Body Language with Greg Hartley

Greg Hartley has tried his hand at multiple careers across several decades. His career first started in the military where he focused on service and intelligence during his assignments in Arlington Cemetery and JFK Special Warfare Center. Hartley is an instructor and subject matter expert for body language and behavior. He was recognized by the US army for his work expertise and was later also awarded the peer granted Knowlton Award. After having served nearly two decades in the US army, Greg would leave  to begin a new career in the business of body language. 

The Behavior Panel

Hartley went into the corporate world as a Business Improvement Executive and General Manager. Along the way he has also driven business stream turn arounds and factory optimizations. As well as also leading the optimization and divestiture of entire companies. Hartley is the author of seven books with Maryann Karinch and he is also a part of The Behavior Panel with Chase Hughes, Mark Bowden and Scott Rouse.

Episode 211 – Greg Hartley


Greg Hartley and Scott Rouse – Body Language Part 1


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