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United States2019-08-215Poldi WielandGREAT PODCAST!I love the idea of interviewing people from all walks of life! Everyone has a purpose and is in one way or another influencing the world one step at a time. This show gives you a glimpse into the lives of people who are actively trying to change it for the better.
United States2019-08-045Tyler B. ChristensenThis podcast has got everythingI love the range of guests that are intereviewed on this show. It really covers the gamit. Since I have so many interests it's awesome to hear interviews with others who are doing a whole range of things. And the host does a great job really probing the guests and getting the best nuggets from them. Great show.
United States2019-07-235SuperJoePardo.comIncredible Interviews!Not only are he stories top notch but Eric does an incredible amount of work crafting his interview questions! A ton of work goes into figuring out a different angle in which to come at a guest and when to press. Keep up the great work Eric!
Canada2019-07-085stinkybellybuttonI like itI love a good conversational pod. It’s a great way to learn new info and feel connected with other humans. Well done.
United Kingdom2019-06-165George_FrostExcellent PodcastReally well structured, interesting and highly recommended podcast! Top stuff! I will be keepig an eye on future episodes!
United States2019-06-155IkerusInteresting hosts!A fun show and the hosts have voices that make it easy to listen to!
United States2019-05-115matt kirschnerGlad I found this show!I found value in the episodes I listened to. New communication skills taught from a hostage negotiator that can be translated into business negotiation. Great show!👍
United States2019-04-125savsavbbilysmyoureperfPerhaps the best interviewer in the businessI listen to a lot of podcasts and Eric is a go to. I love his selection of guests- from sex addicts, to NY bestselling authors to rocket scientists. He researches the guests so well that the guests are always surprised at the questions- because he has dug up something unique. It's the depths of the interviews that draws you in, and Eric's soothing voice.
United States2019-04-015ashmjenxofficialHere’s what you don’t know about EricEric’s authentic ability to empathetically extract information from his guests had me in 20 minutes. Interviews flow exploring approaches to marketing and psychology. I have discovered new experts who were never on my radar from industries I seldom explore.
United States2019-03-145ChaseHughesTop for growthIf you’re busy and want to grow, this podcast is it. Eric distills the actionable details without sacrificing content and conversation. Make this your daily commute podcast. What makes this stand above is that Eric doesn’t hold back, and gets the critical info that we all are wanting to hear and use.
United Kingdom2019-02-275DanielGefenGreat host and great guests!I have been a guest on Eric's show and I love his style! His easy going personality makes for a very candid interview which produces the best kinda content 🙂 Daniel Gefen - Host of 'Can I Pick Your Brain?'
United States2019-02-155Rock from SquadCast.fmLove This ShowCheck out this show if you want to hear stories from interesting and inspiring people that you don’t hear anywhere else. Eric really does his homework on his guests and it shows. His great interviewing really gets the guest to open up and make for a rich conversation.
United States2019-02-125Jordan T ParisMasterfulEric is a masterful interviewer. He makes it seem effortless even though it’s not; He puts in the work because I know he studies the art of the interview plenty. His transitions are smooth, rarely says “umm,” and doesn’t make the mistake of being the guest’s best friend. Instead, he asks the tough questions, the questions we want to hear. Aside from Eric’s skill, the show is a very solid audio companion with great guests like Mark Bowden and Jordan Harbinger. I enjoy the podcast, I listen every week, and others should join!
United States2019-02-125JParis2222MasterfulEric is a masterful interviewer. He makes it seem effortless even though it’s not; He puts in the work because I know he studies the art of the interview plenty. His transitions are smooth, rarely says “umm,” and doesn’t make the mistake of being the guest’s best friend. Instead, he asks the tough questions, the questions we want to hear. Aside from Eric’s skill, the show is a very solid audio companion with great guests like Mark Bowden and Jordan Harbinger. I enjoy the podcast, I listen every week, and others should join!
South Africa2019-02-045Bradley Jon EaglefeatherUnstructured Dynamic Informal ConversationsEric Hunley brings a unique unstructured approach to guest interviews that peels back the layers of the guests back stories through the use of dynamic informal conversations. He also has an eye for amazing guests that have lived through remarkable life experiences!
Portugal2018-12-285Bruno Amaral T.It will improve the you in ways you don't expectThe things I have learned from unstructured have changed the way I relate to others and in many ways changed my view on a number of areas. It also made positive changes to the way I tackle problems, at work and in my personal life. I couldn't recommend it more.
United States2018-12-105AbpfinanceLove it!Great show concept and the conversations are always engaging and interesting.
United States2018-11-265UtahFilmNerdIntriguing and eclectic!I’ve been looking for a new podcast to listen to on my long commute to work every day And I finally found it. This podcast is great for so many reasons. High-quality audio, which is a must. The crazy variety of topics and guests. And an awesome host with a quirky voice and contagious enthusiasm.
United States2018-11-205RKJonesFLUnstructured is Full of ThoughtThough there is a free flow of information and natural conversation, the host’s genuine respect for his subjects come shining through In the way he prepares for each episode. In some ways it seems as if he knows them better than they know themselves. This podcast is as authentic as it is humble and informative.
United States2018-10-235InspiredMoney.fmGreat guests and interviewsWhile the pod name initially scared me because some unstructured podcasts can be real train wrecks, definitely not the case here! Eric is an excellent interviewer and clearly prepares well. I appreciate the wide range of guests. Listened to lawyer Rich Lomurro and audio book narrator Andrew Wehrlen. Subscribed and look forward to more.
United States2018-10-015J. BarshopAwesome show, highly recommend!Eric and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content for those interested in exploring their own personal and professional evolution & development. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Unstructured if you want if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to and experience life with a new emotional resilience (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
Canada2018-09-145wholebodyhealing-DanaGood sound and nice relaxed styleYou feel like you are listening in on a real conversation that also gives you fabulous information at the same time. Well done Eric.
United States2018-09-125WesthappeningsGlad I found this!!Of course, I have to check out a podcast with Laura Petersen as a guest. What a fun episode! Inspired by that episode, I checked out a few more episodes and think that Eric is one of those interviewers who gets people to truly share themselves. Enjoyable and entertaining.
United States2018-09-125LauraSpetersengreat convos, as promised!This show promises "Dynamic Informal Conversations" and delivers! I love listening to the great questions that host Eric asks of his guests. And it was my honor to be featured on episode 065! Keep it up, Eric!
Australia2018-09-045The Foot DrUnstructured Is AddictiveEric Hunley's Unstructured is an addictive podcast. The intro music and Eric's smooth voice suck you in right from the start and his guests have amazing stories and insights into the unstructured world in which we live. You will not be able to listen to just one episode, because as soon as you finish you want more striaght away. This is a five-star show and it won't be too long before people are talking about this show everywhere.
United States2018-08-315Mag writerYou’ll learn a lot. So insightful!I learn something new - and useful! - in every episode. The host, Eric Hunley, finds super-interesting, accomplished, entertaining guests and let’s them share what they’re great at. Eric asks spot-on questions, gives his guests space to answer them, and asks exactly the right follow-up questions to clarify and dive deeper. I now have a running list of insights on my phone that I’ve heard his guests say on the show. Bravo!
United States2018-08-275B.C Rich Blues ManNo filler here!What a great interview with the one and only Joclyn Stone. It was interesting , informative and fun. I look forward to listening to more of your interviews. Hopefully you can get Rebecca Love on your show and have Joclyn Stone back on for another interview. Thanks mark the B.C. Rich blues man
United States2018-08-205Readily RandomUnstructured is such a solid show!Eric does a great job speaking with guests on a wide variety of topics...that may have something to do with the name of the show. It's always a great listen with a high standard for audio quality as well!
United States2018-08-045Welcome to Open Mic PodcastThe Great OnesLove this show, it’s original, he allows his guests to breathe and feel comfortable. Not only that, he asks really good questions and is very engaging with them as well. It’s not a typical interview show where the questions get asked and the guest answers, he actually takes the time to get to know who he’s talking to and talk to them about things that most people may not know. I highly recommend the show I am definitely a fan and a subscriber!
United States2018-08-025sk8r_boy90Wow!Wow... simply wow. The guests on this show are insanely good. I listened to the conversation with Anchor’s CEO and was instantly hooked. Subscribed!
Ireland2018-07-305topgoldNice conversational style and pacingI ask Alexa to deliver "Unstructured" to our kitchen counter and I enjoy Eric's conversational style. Without getting controversial, Unstructured Podcasts often deliver very substantive ideas at a nice pace. That's why I'm a regular listeners.
United States2018-07-175WI AppraiserGreat Conversations!This show presents conversations with fascinating people in a real and engaging way. The discussions had between the host and the guests are always fascinating and I always learn something! An excellent listen!
United States2018-06-155Crystal7174Engaging and AddictiveMaybe it's the journalist in me, or maybe it's that I love a great story, but I found Unstructured to be both engaging and addictive. After listening to the episdoe with Donna Barrow-Green, I immediately clicked on the episode with Robert Forto. I rarely binge listen to anything! I hope to get through some more episodes this weekend. These are deep conversations with people who are making waves. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the exploration of big ideas or innovation. Subscribed! Crystal @HistoriumUnearthia
United States2018-06-135PatsfanxlixGood stuff!I haven’t listened to ALL the podcasts but the ones I have listened to were very interesting and actually entertaining because of the interest. Eric has a great voice, very knowledgeable, and knows how to keep a conversation going. That’s very important for somebody like me to tune in. It’s good stuff!!
United States2018-06-065Julio An Ounce of PreventionVery interesting showI have listened to a couple of episodes, Eric is an engaging host and interviewer. Keeps the show flowing smoothly all the way through. Highly recommend.
United States2018-05-265Otakara KlettkeGreat show!Eric Hunley created a really fascinating show by having fascinating guests and asking thought provoking questions. The show is engaging and mind stimulating in every aspect. I love it!
United States2018-05-175Peophecy TESLove the conceptLove the concept overall great podcast
United States2018-05-175PodcastPlayl.istConversation about societyListen in.
United States2018-05-155Red Dragon Tonic uservery coolnicely done
United States2018-05-115Ken2082Interesting guests, good conversationA really interesting array of guests, and Eric is fantastic at asking good questions and getting out of the way to really let the guests have their say. Can’t wait to find out who the next guest will be!
United States2018-05-105tim.rhodesGreat Host and Very Interesting InterviewsWhat a standout podcast in the "informal, conversational" realm. So many out there struggle in various ways, but Eric Hunley really nails these conversations perfectly. His conversation with Rich Lomurro is engaging, intriguing, and I feel like I learned so much while enjoying the discussion. Great podcast!
United States2018-05-095HLVPGreat deep dive!This is such an interesting show. I appreciate the deep dive and the opportunity to learn about things I’d never otherwise know. Great job!
United States2018-05-084PhantomhamptonCool ConversationsInteresting show! These episodes are real unedited conversations with interesting people. I found it very listenable, and the production was great. Isaiah Gooley episode about immigration, police vehicle search, white slavery, Coyotes...the conversations go any way they want organically.
United States2018-05-075MonkeywrightAll in the details!With a laid-back, easygoing style, this show explores expertise and life experiences from a wide variety of people. It’s an easy flowing conversation, and you’ll leave having learned something and feeling like you hung out with some fascinating friends.
United Kingdom2018-05-035TheShiftInsideThe Right MoodI really enjoyed the episode with Jennifer Aguilar and the compelling story she told about her son. I was on the edge of my seat! It is too easy to get hyped up on info overload with tips for this, motivation for that etc . A good thing once I n a while to kick back and just let the conversation flow. Who knows what is next episode?
United States2018-04-305Megan B. S.Very EngagingEngaging content and great guests. There are a plethora of interview shows to choose from, but not all of them have such clean audio or the fantastic guests Unstructured is able to boast. I particularly appreciate that Eric Hunley allows his guests to actually talk, without interrupting or excessive questions.
Canada2018-04-255JkahatInspiring guests, great interviewsI just started listening to this pod, I started with the Jill Angie episode. She is such an inspiration and the conversation flow was relaxed and natural. I took a lot away from this episode, can’t wait to listen to more.
United States2018-04-245Cynthia817DreamtobealiveUnstructured is more than an interview podcast. Eric does a wonderful job engaging the interview and the audience. The sound quality is by far excellent. I expecially enjoyed the interview with Jill. The topics on society and culture are reviting. This podcast is very dynamic and innovative.
United Kingdom2018-04-235cupcake1995A new fan!The daughter of a veteran, i really enjoyed the most recent episode with Michael Woudenberg! Refreshing to hear a veteran discuss emotional intelligence and liminality. It seems that is Eric’s goal with this podcast, alternate and interesting perspectives and discussions!
Australia2018-04-205Artful readerInteresting chatGreat guests who all have something fascinating to offer. It is a long podcast so you need to set time aside to listen, but good exploratory discussion with people who are changing the world in their own way.
United States2018-04-195sagematthewSimply the best 🌟Great in depth substantive interviews on a variety of subjects from healthy living to sharing ones favorite pastimes...enjoy 👍
United States2018-04-195Donna Barrow-GreenLove this interview podcast!I love this podcast. The iterviews are deep, conversational, and relatable. The guests are highly respected in their field. Eric Hunley's interview style allows for getting to know the guest in a real and compelling way. Great show!
United States2018-04-185MBHjrGreat Interviewer!Eric does an amazing job of intervening guest that goes deep beyond the surface. In each episode I am surprised at just where he is able to guide the guest. The we he was able to get into Mr Woudenberg's idea of courtship and how he went about the process with his wife is fascinating. Gold standerd in interviewing!
United States2018-04-175Jane Doe2018Deep interviews!This show is such a good example of how a great interviewer can go deep with his guests. Topics can be on the surface but then dive down into more thought provoking concepts.
United States2018-04-175LocallookFantastic Interview ShowUnstructured is a fascinating podcast where guests reveal their passions and the conversations goes. From why David Lee Roth requested no green M&Ms to why Ireland is famous for stout, the unseen structures in the world is discussed and its riveting.
United States2018-04-155Mike JobeGreat Interview ShowEric can really pull a lot of great information and stories out of his guests without inserting to much of himself. Which is really impressive, keeping people talk about themselves and knowing when to have side bars is a real skill and super engaging to listen to.
United States2018-04-145dedanrUrban Farming Episode is SOOO Good!Great conversation with Drew Sample. It's such a cool idea to make money flipping crops! This is really cool. I had no idea that was even a thing! Im really into entrepreneurship so this really appealled to me.
United States2018-04-085Matthew WeflenReally engaging and informative interviewsUnstructured allows for really deep conversations with guests where the discussions have room to breathe and explore ideas and emotions. As a bonus, after listening to Adam Hansen's conversation I finally understand what innovation experts do!
United States2018-04-045djazzycool1Great interviews, great prespectiveUnstructured is an interview podcast, but it is not just another interview-style podcast. Host Eric Hunley rounds up guest who are not just making the rounds in time for promotion for the next launch. The guests are real innovators and world changers who are asked questions are probing without being obnoxious.
United States2018-04-035The Monday AmericanUnstructured for the win!There’s a good bit of interview shows out there obviously and it’s hard to stick out from the crowd. With guests like David Rollins, phenomenal hosting and interviewing, clean audio and engaging content... It’s easy to see why Unstructured isn’t “just another” show out there. Subscribe! You’ll like it!