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Jenny Radcliffe is The People Hacker

Episode 171 – Jenny Radcliffe is The People Hacker

Jenny Radcliffe speaks, consults and trains people in the skills of “people hacking.” She explains how “Social Engineering” and using psychological methods can be a huge threat to organizations of all sizes. She reveals how the same knowledge is a valuable tool for security professionals of all types in the prevention of these attacks, scams as well as cons of all kinds.

Jenny highlights how criminals, special interest groups and others with malintent. Can often talk or trick their way into gaining access to personnel, buildings and confidential information. She also does this by using a mixture of scams, psychological tactics, advanced profiling and non verbal communication skills.

Jenny is also a exceptional and highly impactful speaker who uses a blend of anecdotes, science and humor in her speeches. She is a regular keynote Speaker at major security events (Infosec, Rant, DISA, Nordic IT Security, ICS2, Trend Micro, Cisco, NTT, Bright talk, Cyber Security Week) and she is also a multiple TEDx contributor!

How Liverpool helped make Jenny a “People Hacker”


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