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Jesse Richardson teaches Logical Fallacies

Episode 170 – Jesse Richardson teaches Logical Fallacies

After many years of arguing with people who were wrong on the internet. Jesse Richardson realized that evidence and rationality were utterly useless in the face of entrenched beliefs and motivated reasoning. What he suddenly understood with great clarity. Was that the root cause of almost every problem in the world was not as complicated as money and power. It was simply that most of us are never taught how to think independently or critically.

So, after several months work, he launched a little microsite that took 24 of the most common fallacies of logic that are often used to deceive and manipulate people. Specifically, he took each fallacy and condensed it down into a single simple sentence that anyone could understand. He then added some nice graphics, and made the microsite URL interactive so that anyone could use it to tag someone committing a fallacy online e.g.

The website immediately went viral, it also hit the front page of The website resources have reached at least 18 million students, teachers, parents, leaders, managers and everyday people around the world in over 7 different languages.

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