Mandy Obrien from Bombards Body Language

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 159 – Mandy Obrien from Bombards Body Language

Mandy Obrien is a body language reader who analyzes videos online. She has also been somewhat controversial at times but she also does have a clear vision. Her goal is to teach people to be able to identify and to also see deceptions in body language. Being able to read people is very useful in all walks of life, from our personal relationships, to the deceptions that are consciously practiced by politicians and other public figures.

YouTube's reaction to Mandy's videos

In 2019 Mandy O'Brien had three strikes issued against her YouTube channel that accused her of bullying and harassment. One of the three strikes included a video in which she had scrutinized the expressions of Florida shooting survivors in TV interviews. Her channel was then also deleted, but it was later reinstated after she appealed.

I really enjoyed chatting with her and also learning more about her and the work she has chosen. She is a very open and honest person who freely expressed her thoughts and feelings in this interview. This was one of those fun, memorable episodes of the Unstructured podcast and was also one of our top performing podcast episodes for 2019.

Episode 159 – Mandy Obrien


Bombards Body Language course on the art of deception detection


YouTube is censoring people from commenting on Mandy's videos


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  1. Such a great interview. Mandy is fab. Insightful, down to earth, and has an excellent sense of humour. So glad you had her on. So many talented minds worth hearing are silenced by those afraid of being exposed. No surprise the collective tried to label her “controversial”. Thank you.


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