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6 thoughts on “Mandy Obrien from Bombards Body Language”

  1. Such a great interview. Mandy is fab. Insightful, down to earth, and has an excellent sense of humour. So glad you had her on. So many talented minds worth hearing are silenced by those afraid of being exposed. No surprise the collective tried to label her “controversial”. Thank you.

  2. I don’t even know where to start here. I stumbled across this Podcast and was pretty excited to listen thinking I would get some type of insight about Nancy. I started listening/watching the body language videos awhile ago, and somehow she went from interesting, crime related pieces for example, to an conservative opinion based entertainment vehicle much like Sean Hannity or Rush. I stopped following her before she got banned on You Tube but a few points I would like to make about your podcast. I am disappointed that I am almost 30 minutes in you are just now talking about the actual body language readings.

    First off, Twitter is not a private company – Or Public/Private company or whatever it is you called it. If you want to make a difference in that company, go ahead and get a group of shared holders and take over the company – this is done often.

    Re: the YouTube, twitter, Facebook argument, It seems she (and both of you) are advocating for a platform that lets everyone express their view, as long as the view expressed is hers. She wants a levelheaded debate where everyone can express their thoughts, Says the world is going back to conservative ideals but then she mentions consequences of the past attitudes and beliefs (unchecked by the host). So let me get this straight, she wants a levelheaded debate where everyone can express their opinions and also wants consequences for opinions which differ from hers? I have never heard most unchecked BS come out of a guest. If she wants to reflect too how the world used to be, in all its conservative glory of the 1940’s for example, without all of these platforms that have given her a voice, that’s fine.

    When we mention, MSM, the mainstream media, you must lump her in with Fox News along with CNN, MSNBC, etc because at this point it’s all herd mentality. For example, you have Nancy putting up a video discussing the Roy Moore accuser, her opinion, and then you have the following below which I quote from the gateway pundit.

    The Gateway Pundit published a piece, headlined “‘This is Fake!’: Body Language Expert Says Judge Moore Accuser Was ‘Acting…Not a Real Victim.’” The article cited a “body language expert” named “Bombard” who analyzed Nelson’s “facial expressions and vocal discrepancies” in a clip on YouTube and concluded that she “conveyed signs of deception” and was “’acting.’” In the clip, “Bombard” says that Nelson had suspicious “eye movement” — because she looked down while speaking — and was engaged in “rehearsed verbal communication.”

    I am expecting any day now a video from Nancy which is going to have Joe biden’s accuser and she is going to explain how honest and natural the accuser is and how we should all take it more seriously.

    I think that YouTube banned her channel due to videos related to a school shooting. You have these herds that are following Nancy, and she posts a video on YouTube Giving her opinion that the person being interviewed was lying or less than truthful. What do you think is going to happen? Going back to the herd mentality you have all of these people who are following Nancy that are going to think that’s true. We don’t think for ourselves any longer and Nancy is capitalizing on that.

    Thinking for oneself is not encouraged in today’s society and Nancy O’Brien is no different than CNN or MSNBC or any of the crazy crackpot liberal media that’s out there. If you actually listen to what she’s saying on this podcast you must agree with that conclusion. Thinking for oneself does not mean that you listen to Nancy O’Brien and what she says is truth, therefore all others need to suffer the consequences as she advocated for.

    You could have asked some serious thoughtful questions, however you didn’t, or when you did, she did not answer them. There was very little about education or training or any meaningful discussion about how she came to actually be this guru of body language, and that was very distressing. These views definitely have a place in society; however, it is an opinion. Opinion only. From what I got from this podcast confirmed my suspicions that Nancy is just a conservative crackpot, bordering on a “psychic” who has a very narrow opinion and according to her that is the only opinion that anyone else can have. She is doing a disservice to any actual body language experts out there and any type of knowledge that she has is tainted by her obvious political bent. I think that you need to go and do a podcast on people’s psychic ability and that would have just as much credibility as she would.

    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for listening to the show and taking the time to write out such an extensive comment. I understand that I disappointed you in that I didn’t challenge Mandy more but that was not my intention. Mandy is pretty sensitive about the press etc. and I let her speak without trying to play “gotcha” as I’m not a journalist. I have had on other body language experts and also have done live-streams with them (and Mandy) on YouTube as well.
      One thing I do what to point out though is that she is Mandy Obrien and not Nancy O’Brien. I also am confused about what you are saying about Twitter. Twitter is a company traded on the NYSE as TWTR. Thus it is a publicly traded company. I don’t think either of us said that they didn’t have the right to control their content. Although there are some interesting default public square questions that can come up. Either way, it’s all interesting food for thought.
      Again, thanks for taking the time to listen to the episode and further to comment on it. I do appreciate all feedback.

  3. I love Mandy O’Brien work as body language expert she does a great job analyzing different behaviors in terms of movements.


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