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Eric Hunley has created well over a hundred interview styled podcasts in less than nine months. His unrelenting professionalism, detail orientated research, and smooth delivery as a host serves as an inspiration to many. He often draws on his many years of experience as an athlete, marathon runner, coach and university lecturer.

Alison Morrow is a former journalism for FOX News Channel in New York City. Morrow has a master in Divinity degree at Boston University, specializing in Psychology & Counselling. Alison most recently served as Environmental Reporter for KING TV, the NBC affiliate in Seattle.

Eric and Alison have partnered after Eric Hunley appeared on Alison Morrow YouTube channel to explain how he got his YouTube channel back after YouTube shut it down during a live prod cast. The two have partner to host News with Booze where they discuss the current events with a special eye towards censorship and other chicanery in the media.