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The inspiration behind Eric’s Unstructured podcast

On this episode of the Podcasting Experiments Podcast, Joshua Rivers interviews Eric Hunley. Eric starts out by discussing the inspiration behind his Unstructured podcast, and the unique reasoning for his podcasting approach. He then goes on to explain why he often brings in other people to assist him with interviewing guests.
Eric often does not realize how much he is learning during each episode of his show. Then he explains why he hates show notes, and how he really does not have time for everything because of his full-time job. Enjoy another one of Eric Hunley’s appearances on other podcasts.

513: Unstructured Podcast with Eric Hunley

In this episode, we speak with Eric Hunley, the host of the Unstructured Podcast. He starts out by discussing the inspiration behind his podcast and the reasoning for his unique podcasting approach. Eric explains why he often brings in other people to assist him with interviewing guests and how he does not realize he is learning during each show.


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