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Sheila Wysocki is a PI who never gives up on victims

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 146 – Sheila Wysocki is a PI who never gives up on victims

Sheila Wysocki has an amazing story because due to personal tragedy, she also discovered what she really wanted to do in life. In 2004, she became a private investigator for the sole purpose of solving the murder case of her roommate Angela Samota. who was murdered in 1984. Sheila Wysocki‘s dogged determination to solve her cases has captivated the media as well as the hearts of Americans and beyond.

In 2010 Sheila Wysocki was due to retire from working cases after having successfully having her roommate's killer convicted. She would however to continue to from 2013 and she continues to work as a private investigator. Sheila Wysocki has become a well described Voice for the Voiceless. She has even entered the podcasting world to get tips in her current cases for greater success.

Sheila solved her best friend Angela Samota's murder | CHASING JUSTICE


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