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Stephen Davis – from Hollywood to Hip-Hop to Pod Sound School

Unstructured Podcast – Episode 149 – Stephen Davis from Hollywood to Hip-Hop to Pod Sound School

Stephen Davis started out his working career at a major Hollywood studio. He first began working as an intern, and then later went on to becoming a runner. Followed by becoming an assistant audio engineer, until he eventually became a fully qualified audio engineer. Thus helping him to build up his large spectrum of production skills.

Then in 2007, Stephen Davis decided to start his own recording studio, where he began to specialize in recording and producing bands, as well as hip hop artists. He also found the time to play in some bands, compose music and help educate others on recording. He also provided Pro Tools lessons and started attending the school for film making.

Podcast Sound School

Now he brings all this experience and talent to the podcasting world. Stephen Davis and his wife Veronica created Pod Sound School to help podcasters learn the craft. They do this by providing training in three formats – podcasts, animated videos, and blog posts.

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