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Three-letter Agencies


Jack Schafer is a retired FBI Special Agent.

chafer is a retired FBI Special Agent. Gary Noesner spent 30-year as an investigator for the FBI, which he then retired in 2003.

Gina Osborn was an FBI special agent, which has a 22 years investigation experience.

Sarah Carlson was a counter-terrorism Analyst at the defence Intelligence Agency in the Homeland defence Division.

Tracy Walder worked as Staff Operations Officer Intelligence Agency's Counter-terrorism Centre Weapons of Mass Destruction Group and a Special Agent for the FBI.

Mark McClish is a former federal law enforcement officer.

Cindy Otis is a former CIA officer and is also an expert on disinformation threat analysis and counter messaging.

Don Bentley spent a decade in the Army as an Apache helicopter pilot.

Fred Burton is a former police officer, who also became a U.S. Secret Service agent

Jim Clemente is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former Prosecutor for the New York City Law Department.

Jim Fitzgerald went from starting as a store detective in an up scale downtown Philadelphia department store, to becoming a beat cop fourteen months later.

Jerri Williams is a retired FBI Agent, and also the host of the FBI Retired Case File Review podcast.

Jim Casey served two years as a Special Agent with the U.S.

Dana Ridenour is a former FBI agent, and she is also the author of three novels: Behind The Mask, Beyond The Cabin, and Below The Radar.


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