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The Eric Hunley Unstructured is an interview question styled podcast that explores the inner workings of human behaviour and its consequences. The show explores the back stories of his guests, and how they also use skills like body language, influence, persuasion and negotiation in their daily lives.

Eric believes that we all have the ability to learn from each other. It's healthy for us to really take the time to understand the struggles we have each had to face. His podcast guests are a reflection of his deep fascination in human behaviour. You could say his interview questions are carefully designed to answer why some people choose to ZIG while others may choose to ZAG. Each podcast interview explores the overarching trajectories of his guest’s profound life journeys.

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Eric Hunley Unstructured

Exploring human behavior and it’s consequences

If you like unique wide-ranging and well-researched interview questions then Eric Hunley Unstructured is for YOU!

Listen to how Eric Hunley masterfully unlocks what makes fascinating people think, move, thrive and continue to persevere in an ever changing world.

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Episode 194 - Finn McKenty on the Eric Hunley Unstructured Podcast

Episode 194 – The Punk Rock MBA Finn McKenty Finn McKenty is an American marketing strategist, music commentator, writer and graphic designer. He currently runs the YouTube channel The Punk Rock MBA and he is also the director of marketing at the online education platform URM Academy. Finn was also …

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Psychotically Eclectic Author Brad Schreiber

Episode 193 – Psychotically Eclectic Author Brad Schreiber In this freewheeling episode we cover a lot of ground with Brad Schreiber. He acts as both the author and tour guide of the madness of the 1960's and 1970's. We also have a chat about Charles Manson and his crew, in …

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